Brand : Cuppow

Wide Mouth Cuppow Item # CPWU5-001

The solution for easier drinking from a canning jar! You know the canning jar makes an awesome platform for a travel mug: it’s easy to clean, made of heat-resistant glass, cheap, durable, and when sealed it doesn’t leak. The only problem is that with their large openings, canning jars are not great for spill-free sipping while on the move. Now you can drink like a boss from virtually any wide or regular mouth canning jar! It’s a simple eco-friendly alternative to poor-performing and messy disposable hot cups, and over-built and expensive travel mugs. It’s durable, it’s made in the USA, it’s phthalate and BPA free, it’s recyclable, and it doesn’t break the bank. NOTE: Canning Jars & other accessories displayed are NOT INCLUDED in the sale.


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