Price : $178.99
Brand : Vollrath

Vollrath 3307 14-Gauge Stainless Steel Centurion Induction Casserole/Brazier Pan, 7-Quart

This centurion induction casserole/brazier pan is ideal for slowly browning meat or vegetables in liquid. Made of heavy-duty 14-gauge 18/10 stainless steel material. The stainless steel surface of centurion casserole/brazier pan attracts and distributes heat quickly. The pan has 1/4-inch thick aluminum clad bottom which provides quick, even heat distribution for consistently good cooking. The bottom is protected by a thin wafer of stainless steel to prevent denting and scratching. Browned meat or vegetables in a small amount of fat are covered and cooked slowly in a small quantity of liquid. The liquid may be juices from beef or chicken, water, milk, cream, stock or tomato juice. It is NSF listed. Comes with 7-quart capacity. Measures 4-1/2-inch depth by 11-inch diameter.


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