Price : $148.66
Brand : STAUB

Vacuum 1102037 Cocotte, La Mer

The round cast iron casserole dish is a necessity for every well equipped kitchen. These at-home professional quality cookware, is appreciated across all the by International Top chefs, has a diameter of 20 cm and is 14 cm tall. The colour la mer, the memory of the sea from the Cote d ‘Azure, who is a real head turner in the kitchen and on the table. The roasting dish from the dust come from France and are especially for the preparation of casserole dishes. The pan is made of cast iron, for Krossen cooking, as well as slow roast your food a great party planning solution. The cast iron retains the heat for a long time and releases it again and completed in the course of time. You can use the casserole dish on any type of hob. Can also be used on induction hobs or in the oven, the casserole dish can be easily used. The coating with enamel, the casserole from dust is especially durable and easy to care for. The enamel coating ensures that the cooker is rust-proof and against scratches are well protected. Special highlight at the cocottes from dust is the structure on the inside of the lid. There are curves of the base, to which the condensation collects and on the food Herabtropft. You Talk So Also from Aroma rain, which keeps the cooking dishes Juicy and aromatic.


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