Brand : TSM Products

TSM Products 31063 German Style Fermentation Harvest Pot with Stone Weight, 20-Liter

The TSM German style Harvest Pots, made in China, replicate traditional European design and feature an attractive deep rich, dark brown glaze. Each crock is lead and cadmium free and is constructed with a water sealable cover to keep out oxygen and mold, thereby creating the perfect environment to promote lactic acid vegetable fermentation. Each crock is suitable for long term food storage. Stone weights are included and used to keep vegetables under their fermenting liquid during fermentation. Easily make healthy homemade, Probiotic vitamin enriched foods, full of nutrients and natural enzymes. Easily makes traditional sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kombucha and pickles. The TSM fermenting pot can also be used for brining olives and can be used to ferment beets, onions, beans, carrots, peppers plus more of your favorite vegetables.


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