Brand : Times

Times Standard Aluminum Foil Roll 17.7″ Width x 508′ Length, 14 Micron Thickness, Wide, Silver, 1 pack

Times Aluminum Foil Roll

Times Aluminum Foil Roll are widely used for cook, freeze, pack ,store etc. As it is easy to dispose and recycle, which is welcomed by food industry and family.


Material(s): Aluminum;

Standard strength, 14 micron thickness.

Length: 508 ft;

Width: 18 in;

Package: Times standard foil wrap with reinforced corrugated cutter box, sold as a single roll.

Times Foil Make Food Safer, Make Environment Better

Items we have: Aluminium Containers, Aluminium Foil Roll, Pop-Up Foil Sheet, Parchement Paper,Buffet Set, Vacuum Sealer Kit and so on.


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