Brand : Superstone

SuperStone La Cloche Baker with Specialty Bread Cloth

Superstone La Cloche bakeware results in lighter, crustier bread and can also be used for bread baking and cooking juicier fish and meats. The dish also doubles as a rustic serving plate for finished foods. To use, arrange dough or meat on the bottom dish, cover with the domed lid, and place in the oven on the lowest oven rack. Be sure to season the dish and lid before use with a coating of cooking oil for best results. The La Cloche Bread Baker utilizes the steam generated by the moist dough within the bell, resulting in a delicious bread with a crackly, golden crust and light crumb. Great for cooking roasts, chicken, and fish as the flavors of the natural juices circulate within the dome, thus preserving moisture and reducing shrinkage. Measures 11″ x 11 x 2″H base and measures 8″ high with dome in place. Baking Cloth Instructions: the linen/cotton blended cloth should be placed over a bowl while the bread rises and can also be used for rolling out dough. Flour thoroughly before use and just shake out the flour to reuse. If washed, just rinse out w/o soap and hang dry.


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