Stoneline – PFOA Free Nonstick Stone Cookware – XL 11′ Diameter Pot/Dutch Oven with Lid

Developed in Germany and used in hundreds of thousands of European kitchens, Stoneline cookware has the strength of cast iron skillets, the chef-quality weight of aluminum, and a stone micro-coating so naturally nonstick that even eggs and cheese just slide right out without greasing the pan. Unlike other nonstick pans, Stoneline’s hot-stone cooking surface resists scratches and gets hot enough to sear meats to lock in juicy flavor. It also cooks evenly so pancakes brown beautifully without scorching. And for all foods – even sticky mac and cheese or a simmered-all-day stew, Stoneline simply wipes clean with a paper towel!This 7.4 qt pot gives you more capacity than other pro-grade chef’s casseroles so it’s big enough for party-sized fun and family-sized portions of everything from hearty stews to gooey Rice Krispies┬« treats. The pot’s magnetic bottom plate heats up faster to sear in flavor and seal in juices. That famous nonstick surface also means you can enjoy real gourmet flavor without having to add extra fats or oils and without any messy clean up. Works on any type of cooktop. Oven-safe to 350 degrees. 12-year warranty. 11″ lid included (lid also fits 11″ Fry Pan)Capacity: 7 qts. Dimensions: 11″ d x 5┬╝” h


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