Price : $67.95
Brand : Rogar

Rogar Ultimate Wall Mounted Pot Rack Vertical/Horizontal in Black

The Rogar Ultimate Wall Mounted Pot Rack has the ability to mount as a vertical or horizontal pot rack depending on your preference and space limitations making this pot rack great for any kitchen. The Ultimate Wall Mount Rack comes complete with 8 matching hooks and enough storage space for your entire cookware set and a few key kitchen utensils.

When mounted in the vertical position, this pot rack has three tiers of 1 inch steel bars to hang pots and pans off. The horizontal position offers two tiers of 2 inch steel bars to keep all your cookware organized and handy. Whichever way you mount this pot rack is up to you making this the Ultimate Wall Mounted Pot Rack.

Dimensions 37″L x 16.5″H x 1″D Weight 8lbs


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