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Replacement Lid Knobs for Revere Ware Lids (two knobs)

These are replacement lid knobs for Revere Ware lids. They fit lids with knobs that appear the same. These parts are newly manufactured and are made to look and work just like original Revere Ware knob.

Material: Bakelite, brass

Includes: Bakelite knob with brass screw insert. The screw insert is the female part inside the knob. This knob does NOT come with a separate screw as all Revere Ware lids have a screw stud attached on them. If you want to use this knob with another type of lid that does not have a built in screw stud, you will need to purchase an 8/32 (stainless or brass) screw separately and cut it to the proper size.

Measurements: 1.7 in (43 mm) diameter, 0.7 in (18 mm) tall.

Fits: All Revere Ware lids, vintage era and newer that have a similar looking knob. This knob may not fit Revere Ware lid styles that have a different looking knob.

Replaces: The part was called “Bakelite Cover Knob” and the original Revere number for this part was 2677. It was also referred to as part no. 625.

Screw Insert Notes
Most Revere Ware lids have nice long screws on them, but a some of them have a knob screw about half the height. When putting one of our new knobs onto one of the lids with the shorter screw, it will only grab a few threads. Don’t over tighten the knobs or you risk stripping the threads.

Bakelite notes
Because Bakelite is somewhat brittle, over tightening a knob can cause the Bakelite to crack.
These knobs are not oven-safe and repeated washing in a dishwasher will dull the surface of the Bakelite.

We sell these in pairs to reduce the shipping cost per item.


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