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Replacement Handle Pair for Revere Ware Pots/Dutch Ovens (Single Screw)

These are replacement handles for newer era (post 1968) Revere Ware pots and Dutch ovens (the ones with one screw per handle that screw directly into the side of the pot). These parts are newly manufactured and are made to look and work just like original Revere Ware pot handles.

Material: Bakelite, stainless steel

Includes: Each handle includes two handle halves + two screws. Each order includes two handles, enough for one pot.

Measurements: Approximately 3.0 in (75.5 mm) x 1.25 (32 mm) x 1.5 in in (38 mm)

Fits: Newer era pots and Dutch ovens that use a single screw only. If your pot handles look like these, they should fit.

Replaces: The original Revere part number for this part was 36134.

Part Notes
The screws included with these handles are Phillips head, not slotted like some of the original Revere Ware pot handle screws were. Because the original slot head screws strip very easily, we consider this an improvement.

Bakelite notes
Because Bakelite is somewhat brittle, over tightening can cause the Bakelite to crack. Use caution when tightening.
These knobs are not oven-safe and repeated washing in a dishwasher will dull the surface of the Bakelite.


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