Price : $29.99
Brand : OVENTE

OVENTE CFC317R Electric Cheese/Chocolate Fondue Melting Pots and Warmer Set, 1 Liter, Red

Make every day a fondue day nothing is more comforting than having a slice of toast bread slathered in warm chocolate or melted cheese. With Ovente’s electric fondue pot, you can indulge on it Every single day! You can make your bonding moments, celebrations, parties, and simple dinners extra fun, creative, and interactive. Simply Chuck all fondue ingredients that you want into the melting pot and plug it in! using the electric fondue maker 1. Place chocolate, cheese, or other ingredients of your choice into the ceramic pot. 2. Place the pot onto warming base and cover with lid. 3. Plug the unit into a power outlet. You may stir the dip while the pot is plugged in. 4. Fill the tray compartments with snacks you want to dip in the fondue. 5. Use a fondue fork, skewer, or long wooden stick to dip food into the fondue. large-capacity pot sleek and stylish its classy design makes this fondue melting pot an object of interest on every dining table! It is presentable enough to have around guests. easy to clean key features: 1l melting pot ceramic body with lid With removable ceramic Food tray and 4 dipping forks Warning Since the warming base gets very hot, Place it only on top of heat-resistant materials and surfaces. Failure to follow this instruction may result in burns.


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