Price : $24.86
Brand : Mastrad

Mastrad A68908 Silicone Square Steam Cooker, Green

Studies show time and time again that one of the healthiest of all cooking methods is steaming. Steaming helps retain valuable vitamins and nutrients in food, without all the added fat. Now steaming has never been easier, or more fun! Made from 100% pure premium silcone, a product found in nature, the Orka Steam Cooker is a safe and easy to use. Add your favorite meat, poultry or fish, vegetables and seasoning. Heat in the microwave or in the oven; food cooks without added fats, steaming in its own juices. Meat remains tender, fish cooks without drying out and vitamins and minerals are preserved. The Orka Steam Cooker is heat safe to 430 degrees fahrenheit and is dishwasher safe. It features rigid, easy to grip handles, a non-stick and stain-resistant surface and as an added feature, a recipe booklet is included!


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