Price : $10.69
Brand : Master Craft

Master Craft Handbag Hangup Double-Sided Purse Organizer, Tapioca

The Double Sided Handbag Hangup from Master Craft Products is an easy-to-use double-sided fabric hanger that holds up to 14 handbags or other accessories on individual hanging loops. Both sides of the hanger are faced with heavy weight cotton canvas. Each side has 7 canvas loops with hook and loop locking tables for easily and securely hanging up to 14 handbags of any size in a minimum of space. The built-in chromed steel hook allows the hanger to be placed on a closet rod, hook, or even on a nail. Perfect for hanging belts and baseball caps too. A great way to pick up lots of shelf space in cramped closets. HBH006-TA.


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