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Brand : Lava Cookware

Lava Oval Series Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven – 5 Quart, Orange Spice

Love With Lava

Nothing Better Than a Home Cooked Meal

About Lava Cooking With Cast-Iron Skillets Can Be Good For Your Health

With more than 40 years of experience creating cast-iron cookware, Lava combines cutting edge technology with decades of obessesing over our love for cookware. Our ultimate mission is to help bring healthy cooking closer to your family’s kitchen table. Lava’s ten thousand square foot factory is a state-of-the-art facility developed solely for iron casting and enamelling. We use the most modern machinery to ensure the highest standards of quality and manufacturing. Lava is dedicated to providing unparalled quality cookware, and delivering optimum performance in each piece, in a cost effective way. Each Lava cast iron pot and pan is individually examined during production to ensure full compliance with quality standards. Each piece is tested in Lava’s laboratories before ever leaving the factory to confirm compliance with international standards. While some manufacturers use scrap and low-quality iron in the production of cast pots and pans, Lava enamel cast iron pots and pans are made of the highest quality cast iron in the world. They do not contain any harmful additives. So enjoy, and live life the organic, friendly, Lava way! Cast-iron skillets may seem like an old-fashioned choice, but this dependable cookware is a must in the modern kitchen. Cast-iron skillets conduct heat beautifully, go from the stovetop to the oven with no problem, and last for decades. See the benefits below:

1) You Can Cook With Less Oil When You Use A Cast-Iron Skillet: Seasoning And Cleaning Your Lava Cookware

That lovely sheen on cast-iron cookware is the sign of a well-seasoned pan, which renders it virtually nonstick. The health bonus, of course, is that you won’t need to use excess oil to brown crispy potatoes or sear chicken when cooking in cast-iron. To season your cast-iron skillet, cover the bottom of the pan with a thick layer of kosher salt and a half-inch of cooking oil, then heat until the oil starts to smoke. Carefully pour the salt and oil into a bowl, then use a ball of paper towels to rub the inside of the pan until it is smooth. To clean cast iron, there is no need to use soap – simply scrub your skillet with a stiff brush and hot water, and dry it completely.

2) Cast-Iron Is A Chemical-Free Alternative To Nonstick Pans:

Another benefit to using cast-iron cookware in place of nonstick pans is that you avoid the harmful chemicals that are often found in nonstick pans.

3) Cooking With Cast Iron Fortifies Your Food With Iron:

While cast iron doesn’t leach chemicals, it can help add a healthy amount of iron into your food.

Beauty and Class
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Caring for your Lava Cookware

After use, always cool cookware before washing in hot soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Be cautious not to place hot cookware in cold water, as thermal shock could occur, and this would cause damage to the enamel. Our Lava cookware is dishwasher safe, although some detergents may harm the coloring of the cookware, so be sure to read your detergents warning label.

Little Lava Facts
  • Cast iron and stainless steel knobs have an aesthetically appealing appearance. They are designed ergonomically for easy grip and handling, and suitable for use on all cooktops and in any oven (except for a microwave oven).
  • Cast iron is a 100% recyclable material. Also, it provides energy saving as it preserves heat for a long period of time.
  • Lava cast-iron pots and pans are durable. With proper use and care, you can utilize your pots and pans at your kitchen for the whole lifetime, and even leave them to your children or grandchildren.


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