Price : $6.14
Brand : JBK Pottery

JBK Chef Design Ceramic Pot Minder

Having a pot boil over on the stove can be a very unpleasant experience. Leaving a pot on the stove for just a minute to attend to another task can be a disaster. Before you know it, a strange sizzling sound can be heard or, even worse, you will smell a suspicious burning odor from the kitchen. This has never been an easy problem to completely avoid, even for the cook who pays attention. Using centuries old traditional kitchen know how, JBK has developed an anti boil over disk. Before the water or milk begins to boil, the JBK Pot MinderTM begins to chatter in the bottom of the pot. Even if the heat isn’t turned down immediately, the Pot Minder modifies the formation, size and number of bubbles rising from the bottom of the pot and greatly assists in preventing those messy boil overs.


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