Price : $15.88
Brand : Home Brew Ohio

Home Brew Ohio One gallon Wide Mouth Jar with Drilled Lid & Twin Bubble Airlock-Set of 2

Sturdy yet lightweight glass makes this the perfect for fermenting your favorite beer or wine. This can also be used for brewing Iced Coffee, tea or lemonade and the jar will keep it cold and delicious. The 4″ wide mouth is great for reaching deep inside and also for cleaning. Constructed of USDA certified food grade glass to avoid absorption of flavors and leaching of chemicals, dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 10″ tall, 4″ wide opening. The lids are made of plastic so they will not corrode like metal lids. The lids are drilled and include grommets to accommodate an Airlock. Two Twin bubble airlocks, two glass jars and two grommetted lids are included.


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