Price : $59.95
Brand : GreenPan

GreenPan Classic Collection 2 Piece Non-Stick Fry Pan Set with Thermolon – 8″ & 10″

The GreenPanTM Classic Collection 2 Piece Non-Stick Fry Pan Set with ThermolonTM is a fundamental set of frying pans for any kitchen since they offer stovetop-to-oven versatility and are heat resistant to 450ºC or 850ºF. With this set, you’ll get a top-of-the-line 8″ and 10″ non-stick fry pan for an exceptional value. These pieces are coated with ThermolonTM, a patented, natural, ceramic non-stick coating that will not release toxic fumes, blister or peel. ThermolonTM provides incredible non-stick performance and is more abrasion-resistant than traditional polymer-based non-stick coatings, making cleanup a breeze-simply wipe pans with a damp cloth.

These pans make a perfect addition to any kitchen, whether you are looking to expand your current range of GreenPanTM products, or just starting out. Combining eye-catching colours with the reliable food release and cleanup that you’ve come to expect from GreenPanTM cookware, The Shopping Channel is happy to celebrate the Canadian launch of GreenPan’sTM Classic Collection with this essential kitchen set.


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