Price : $20.00
Brand : ASR Outdoor

Gold Rush Sifting Classifier (1/70″ Mesh) Screen Sieve Prospect Pan + FREE GOLD PAN

A must-have item for gold panning and mineral recovery, this classification screen will aid your efforts by sorting your raw materials based on size. This extra small particle screen is made of tough, high-impact plastic and 0.14mm stainless steel wire. This design is made to fit easily into a 5 gallon bucket and it matches the size of our 14″ gold pans to allow easy transfer of materials from one to the other.

Although gold is heavy, small flakes will not be able to displace larger rocks from your initial sample. Screening or “classifying” material into groups based on size will ensure that any gold, whether nuggets or flakes, will not get lost. In addition, looking through similar sized materials is a faster and more effective way to sort and will speed up the panning process, resulting in more gold!

This 1/70″ mesh size is perfect for fine clean up of material for use in a gravity concentrator bowl (commonly known as a “blue bowl”).

Includes (1) FREE bonus 10″ gold pan, featuring riffled traps to catch your gold as the lighter material flows out of the pan, and a wide textured bottom for efficient materials separation.


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