Price : $28.95
Brand : Volarium

Glass Baking Dish for Oven, Casserole Dish, 16 in x 11 in Rectangular Baking Tray, Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Ovenware, 2 inches Height and 4-Quart Capacity Glass Cookware

Borosilicate glass for Baking 
Borosilicate glass ovenware is your practical helper in the kitchen in everything you do, from preparation to cooking, and from presentation to refrigeration… The naturalness and healthiness that comes from glass make this cookware the essential cooking solution for every home. 

Why should I prefer Volarium Borosilicate Ovenware?
Manufactured from borosilicate glass, it is one of the most hygienic kitchenware you can use. If the usage and cleaning instructions are followed carefully, they are highly scratch resistant and maintain their hygienic and transparent properties as throughout their service life. 

What are the advantages of Volarium Borosilicate Ovenware?
– With its clarity and transparency it assures you to see your food during preparing, cooking, serving and storing.

– Considering the direct contact with food, it is one of the safest options you can use in your kitchen.

– It is suitable for cooking and serving all types of food from desserts to meals.

– It can be used in ovens and microwave ovens, on ceramic stoves, and gas stoves with heat diffuser. Meals cooked in Volarium bakeware can be served in the same ware in a stylish and elegant fashion.

– It is easily cleaned. This ovenware can be hand washed or cleaned in the dishwasher.


-Oven-proof up to 300 ° C 
-Freezer suitable up to – 40 ° c. 
-Excellent as a casserole dish and baking pan 
-Great storage, storage, reheating, serving, freezing, and much more 
-Exact Dimensions: 15 3/4×10 2/4” (40 x 27 cm) 
-Height 5 cm, internal height 4.3 cm 
-Volume approx. 128 2/4 US oz. (3,800 ml) 
-Space-saving, as stackable 


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