Brand : Perfect Holiday

Food Grade Cheesecloth Bag 50 Grade 4.3 Square Feet 100% Natural Cotton by Perfect Holiday

Would you rather have a dry turkey this holiday season or a nice juicy bird to serve your guests?

Chefs across the world (including almost all celebrity chefs) will recommend using Cheesecloth soaked in broth to keep your holiday meats perfectly juicy and eliminate the inconvenience of basting.

Basting also causes heat to escape from your convection oven and can cause cooking times to vary immensely. Cook it right every time with cheesecloth!

Other things that cheesecloth is perfect for include:

-Cheese Making

-Squeezing fruits for juice (without getting seeds in everything)

-Poaching fish


-Wrapping cured meats

-Straining soups and juices

-Pressing Yogurts

-Decorations (great for ghosts and spider webs)

-Cleaning (wash cloth, waxing or polishing cloth)

-Baby swaddling (great for photos)

-Gardening (lining small plant to keep pest free)

-Gauze for bandaging

The Perfect Holiday Cheesecloth will make your holiday cooking easier and more flavorful.

If you want your meals this holiday to taste like a pro, then get the Perfect Holiday Cheesecloth, because professional chefs use and recommend it

This product was developed with the help of a Las Vegas chef who specializes in healthy and flavorful meals. All the specifications are designed according to his recommendations along with the advice of other chefs whom tested this product before mass production.

Make sure your holiday is perfect with the Perfect Holiday Cheesecloth

Backed by a 30-day No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee, you can buy with confidence and never fear serving your friends and family dry turkey or ham!


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