Brand : ENGIVE

EnGive® Beautiful Nokia Lumia 920 Hard Case Protector Cover +Stylus +EnGive® Cleaning Cloth (white colorful butterfly)

Hardcover Protector Case for Nokia Lumia 920

Protect your Nokia Lumia 920 with this beautifully designed casing from bumps, scratches and other external influences
This hardcover fits perfectly on your Nokia Lumia 920 Perfect for everyday wear, whether in the office, at leisure or in the evening at the restaurant,
This Nokia Lumia 920 case is suitable for every situation.

+ No annoying smell.
+ Is much more solid and thus firmly seated case.
+ Through this case the Nokia Lumia 920 is much better in the hand.
+ All slots are available and therefore, all the connections good and accessible.

– The hard surface, no fingerprints visible
– Cut out for camera
– The ease of use is not restricted
– Hugs to the phone
– Protection against dust, scratches and other damage
– 100% fit

Beautiful case cover for your Nokia Lumia 920

1 x case for Nokia Lumia 920
1 x black stylus
1 x Cleaning Cloth with EnGive® trademark


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