Price : $13.99

DUKE’S HOME 1.5QT Nonstick Saucepan w/Stone-Derived Ceramic Coating, Stone Ceramic Sauce Pan with Lid, 1.5 Quart Cover Sauce Pan with Stainless Steel Handle, for Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Induction

What is Stone-Derived?
Enriched with 58 trace elements.
Dissolve minerals in water.
Alkaline food: release salt ions to alkalinize acidic foods.

Non-stick ceramic coating
Mineral-rich stone-derived materials
Dishwasher safe
PFOA, and PTFE free
Even and quick heating
Tempered glass
Easy cleaning
Durable and long lasting

Our DUKE’S HOME nonstick ceramic saucepan is made of healthy stone-derived, which has various trace elements that can dissolve minerals in water, decompose weak alkaline minerals when heated. The stone pan’s nonstick surface means you can cook healthier using less fat, with effortless cleanup. Heavy-gauge sloped bottom heats evenly and makes stirring easier. Our 1.5qt nonstick saucepan is the perfect choice for the health of your family.

Care & Use : Wash the nonstick stone-derived pan with warm soapy water, and towel dry before first use. Do not use sharp knives or objects. Do not cut food while it is in the pan.

Care & Cleaning : After use, allow the pan to cool completely before washing. Do not plunge a hot pan into cold water, as doing so can damage the pan surface and its non-stick ability. Avoid using steel wool, or any abrasive cleaning products. Rinse well in warm water and dry completely before storing.


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