Price : $529.99
Brand : Cuchen

CUCHEN Classic IH Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer 10cup CJH-PA1000 110V

This is the best featured rice cooker among the Cuchen Induction Heating Pressure technology product. It cooks a mixed rice in 29 minutes and makes the most perfect, tasty rice. This cast iron pan has serial number and it has warranty service but it is very duarable with industrial black diamond coating. A ‘reservation keep-warm function’ allows food to retain much much more of its nutrients and flavor in the cooked rice. Enjoy the steam warm function which make keep food fresh & warm. It also saves 40% of energy than the previous model. Maintenance is a breeze with the one touch self cleaning function; it self cleans, sterilizes, and prevents odor. One touch detachable inner lid is very convenient to clean. Cook up the most delicious servings of rice FAST and EASY! Black diamond coating of inner pan for strength Steam warm function Energy saving function Clean inner Cover – dettached with convenient button Voice Navigation for Koeran/English Smart Touch Display (Orange Color FND) – English Reservation Keep-warm function – control warm temperature and save energy One touch Self cleaning function (sterilization, too) Menu settings include: white rice (regular, softer or harder) mixed porridge sweet GABA brown brown quick cooking 1year warranty offered from manufacture (warranty card included)


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