Price : $349.95
Brand : Cristel

Cristel Casteline S30QMPKP Saute Pan, 7 quart, Silver

Detachable handle sold separately. The Casteline 6 quart. Saute pan is perfect for many sauteing tasks like searing or cooking meats or vegetables in liquid. You can also use it for deep frying. Because of the taller sides you can cook with more liquid and deglazing the pan is simple and avoids splashing. It features 3-Ply Side Walls combined with a 5th Ply in a diffuser base for precise heat control. It also features measurement markings in quarts and liters for use without a measuring cup. It stores easily nesting in larger CRISTEL saute pans. Based on the unique construction you can sear meats or even cook vegetables without oil or fat. It is made in France and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. It is compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction.


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