Brand : Calphalon

Calphalon 32-Inch Straight Wall Pot Rack with 4 Heavy-Duty Single Hooks

Is your Calphalon collection getting out of control? Does finding the right pot mean triggering an avalanche of gourmet cookware when you open a cabinet door? Time to unclutter. Made out of the same heavy-gauge aluminum as Calphalon’s hard-anodized cookware, this handsome wall-mounted rack puts your pots and pans on display, keeps them within quick reach, and frees up cabinet space, all at the same time. (Also, the pans don’t rub or scrape against one another, which minimizes damage to your valuable investment.) A wall-mounted rack is the best choice for low-ceilinged kitchens, and as an added bonus, it doesn’t block overhead light. Calphalon’s patented pot rack hooks can support up to 60 pounds each. They slide freely up and down the rack but won’t come off when you reach for a pan. The rack itself is easy to assemble with simple household tools, but Calphalon recommends professional installation. Maybe that’s why this kit does not include mounting hardware. –Mary Park


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