Price : $8.28
Brand : ZOUTOG

5 Piece Pressure Cooker Accessories, ZOUTOG Steamer Cookware Set Compatible with Instant Pot Accessories – Steamer Basket / Egg Steamer Rack / Steam Rack / Egg Bites Molds / Dish Clip – Fits 5, 6 and 8 Qt Pressure Cooker

One of the many great functions of the presser cooker is steaming.

Whether it’s broccoli, rice, or salmon, steaming helps to retain the flavors, texture, and nutrients from the food.

ZOUTOG 5-Piece Accessories for Instant Pot help you get healthier and more delicious meals more easily.

Steamer Basket – 8.3 * 2.5 inches

Want to make “hard-boiled” eggs or steam veggies or keep other food off the bottom of the Instant Pot? That’s what the steamer basket can do.

This basket has a handle that folds down so you can seal your pot, steam your favorite foods much more easily.

Egg Steamer Rack – 7 * 2.2 inches

If you like hard- or soft-boiled eggs, you’ll definitely want to get an egg steamer rack.

You can use them for eggs, or any other food that will need a rack in the pressure cooker.

Steamer Basket Stand – 6.3 * 1.8 inches

It allows you to cook dishes that don’t have liquid with the steam from pressure cooking.

A good example is potatoes on the bottom, in broth, and a meatloaf on the trivet on foil, or in a pan that fits.

Egg Bites Molds – 8.3 * 2 inches

This tray is a baby food freezer storage tray! It is silicone, so great to cook in.

Make the famous “Egg Bites” or little cheesecake bites, bake muffins, portion baby food and much more in a silicone mold.

Plate Tongs -7.1 * 3.4 inches

An ingenious tool for safely lifting hot plates and bowls from steamers. Simple one-handed uses.

Dishes or bowls must have a lip or rim for the plate retriever tongs to work properly.

Dishwasher Safe:

When they need to be cleaned, you can simply transfer them to the dishwasher for convenient clean-up.


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