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Brand : XIAOHE

3 Pack Magnetic Cheat Sheet Compatible with Instant Pot Food Images Magnet Cooking Times Accessories for 45 Common Prep Functions (Small)

Have you ever had such an experience?
You want to make a good dinner, but you misremember the cooking time of the ingredients, and the beauty became embarrassed……
You want to be a family gourmet, but you never remember those cooking parameters……
You can only look at the data while preparing the ingredients, and scramble to turn the kitchen into a battlefield…..
Now with this magnetic paste, these problems will never happen again. You can prepare a good dinner with ease and happiness, and become an excellent food man.
This is absolutely your indispensable helper!

The memorandum contains clear pictures and text descriptions, including cooking time and basic instructions for 45 kinds of meat, vegetables, beans, eggs, etc.
The 3 guidelines are cereals, vegetables, meat and seafood. Classification design is more efficient.
Magnetic cooking time memo is suitable for all 3,6 and 8 Quart pressure cookers.

Product specification
Size: 4.5 X 4.5 inches.
Printing: color printing
Display form: text + color pattern
Color: as shown in the figure

Package contains
3x Cooking time magnetic sticker for pressure cooker

Matters needing attention
The product is high-strength soft magnetic and can only be used on iron products. If you want to use it on other materials, please match the glue or double-sided stickers.
100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will solve all your inner problems!


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