Price : $99.88

28cm Fry Pan “Kiwame” Roots

Experienced craftsmen’s handmade pans. • Craftsmen’s hand work The master, who has been in this line of work for 25 years, shapes the pan by rotating it with a machine. The pressure is adjusted manually with their senses based on many years of experience. All the processes are done by hand work, such as grinding the edge with a blade, punching the holes for handles, and branding a company name with a hot iron. • Special technique and reliable materials Long time study and research accomplished the KIWAME to be rust and burn resistant by utilizing “iron nitride”, a special thermal processing technology. The iron is produced in the blast furnace iron foundry at the Nippon Steel Corporation and JFE. The iron utilized for our pans contain least impurities in order to be safe when absorbed in the users’ body. • To produce durable products… What we are particular about most with KIWAMI, except the iron pan, is the handles. The carefully chosen wood does not transfer the heat and fit well with the pan, and it is detachable in case it needs to be repaired. The angle of the handles is precisely examined and set 15 degree, which enables the best grip.


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