Price : $9.25
Brand : fantasycart

2 X LARGE Teflon Oven or Pan Liner Baking Mat 17″ x 25″ 2 PCS

Line your Ovens, baking pans or trays with this non stick and easy to clean Teflon.
It takes heat up to 500 degrees F.
Never have to scrub burned pans again! With Teflon you can simply wipe clean or rinse!
Retails as high as $27.95!!!
Measures a full 17″ X 25″
This material can be cut to size with household scissors.
Also can be placed in the oven, Microwave or Toaster Oven bottom so you never have to scrub those baked on spills again! So Bake your “Charming Billy” those Cherry Pies without dreaded clean up with those toxic oven cleaners again! My wife wouldn’t start the oven without one!
Place one in the bottom of your Toaster Oven
Both sides may be used hundreds of times
Two (2) LARGE Teflon Liners included in this offer.
Multiple Uses:
Leave in the bottom of the microwave or oven and you’ll be able to wipe away those burned on spills!
Use it to cover microwave dishes during cooking
Place under kids coloring or painting projects
Roll out dough or anything sticky on it
Place it under glue projects
Fry on it, some top fastfood chains line their griddles with it
Re-Use it hundreds of times
It has no taste or smell
Avoid use with sharp objects or direct flame
Non stick feature allows cooking without fats or grease letting your dishes be low in calories for Healthier Cooking or Baking and even frying!
May come in either black or tan, same fine product just differant color
My kids have used it for sleding but I don’t reccomend it! Too slippery!
1.Do not cover or block holes or vents inside the oven. Avoid direct contact with the heat element or open flame.
2.Don’t use with aluminum foil.
For optimum circulation, the oven liner must not touch the walls or door of the oven.
3.All Teflon and non-stick products are not recommended to those who have birds in their houses. Use this item may cause damage to your birds.


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