Price : $11.25
Brand : Garcima paella pan

12in/30cm Steel Paella Pan

This genuine paella pan is imported from Spain, and is made from carbon steel with a dimpled bottom which not only distributes the heat evenly and quickly; but it gives it a beautiful look. Paella pans are made from several materials, but the carbon steel ones are probably the most common and popular paella pan type in Spain. In fact, my friend in Madrid treated me to a great paella on a pan of the very same model once. The 30 CM or 11.5 inch size is the perfect size for 4 servings They can be used on a stove top, oven, gas barbeque grill or open flame, or for better results, over a paella burner which we also carry. They are shallow and have sloping sides, which helps the rice cook evenly and develops more intense flavor. As the pans get larger, they grow in diameter rather than depth, which allows for more delicious socarrat, which is the term used in Valencia to describe the delicious caramelized crunchy rice crust which forma the base of any good paella. Just like carbon steel woks, they will acquire a natural patina over time as they become seasoned and simple need a wipe down with oil prior to storage to keep them from rusting. Cleaning can be done using a soft non-abrasive soap. The Paella Pan is certainly not the most Ancient of pans we carry, but its origins can be traced several centuries back, where it was used to cook the dish of the same name, mainly using rice, snails and vegetables. With later changes in affluence came the addition of rabbit, chicken and duck, eventually leading to mostly seafood, which is the most recognizable forms internationally today.


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